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conference program



9:00 Breakfast (provided) 
9:15 Opening Remarks: Professor Efrain Kristal, Chair of Comparative Literature
9:30-11:00 All too human: The Inhuman at its limits
  • Sunyoung Ahn, “Derrida’s Cat, Haraway’s Dog, and the Poetics of Posthumanism”
  • Allison Cardon, “How is it, then, with the whale?: Derridean Rights in Moby Dick”
  • Rebekah Sinclair, “Singularizing the Inhuman: Undoing the Inhuman in Butler, Spivak, Derrida, and Lyotard”
11:15-12:45 Ethics beyond humanism, aesthetics beyond the human
  • Ramsey McGlazer, “You, Me, and the Ether”
  • Christina Garcia, “The Ethics of Stardust: Nonhuman Perspectives in Nostalgia de la luz”
  • Avram Alpert, “Du Bois and the Politics of the Ordinary”
12:45-2pm Lunch (provided)
2:00-3:30 We have never been human: whiteness and the posthuman turn
  • Alok Vaid-Menon. “My Little (Homo)Nationalist Pony: An Anti-racist Post-Colonial Queer Ecofeminist Critique of Zoophilia”
  • Cameron Awkward-Rich, “Recognizing Life and Limbs: A Critical Interrogation of Transabled Transhuman Potentials in the Neoliberal State”
  • Janani Balasubramanian, “We Have Never Been Stuff: A Postcolonial Queer Femme Dark Energy Revision of Neomaterialism”
Coffee break

3:45 Guest Lecture – Leela Gandhi, “On Inconsequence: Some Little Known Mutinies Around 1946”

Discussant: Professor Vinay Lal, Department of History, UCLA
5:30 Opening night reception


9:00 Breakfast (provided)
9:30-11:00 Phenomenology/Ontology of Subject
  • Laura McMahon, “(In)human Violence: Embodied Breakdowns in Merleau-Ponty”
  • Daniel Sacilotto, “Rational Agency Beyond The Deconstruction of the Subject”

11:15-12:45 Guest Lecture – Marc Nichanian, “The inhuman: An experiment (Georges Bataille)”

Respondent: Professor Eleanor Kaufman, Department of Comparative Literature
12:45-2pm Lunch (provided)
2:00-3:30 Inhuman Subjects
  • Tamara Beauchamp, ““A small mark, a white stone”: Violence, Anxiety, and the Limits of the Human in passage à l’acte”
  • Danielle Drori, “Inhuman Virgins: Antigone and Jephthah’s Daughter”
  • Chris Chamberlin, “Intimately Inhuman: Blackness, Violence, and Maternal Incapacity”
Coffee break

3:45-6pm Concluding Panel

Samera Esmeir, “In the Land of the International: Reflections on Liberation, Struggle and Law”

David T. Goldberg, “Wallcraft: The Politics of Walling”

Discussants: Professors Aamir Mufti and Nouri Gana, Department of Comparative Literature